PAB Web Solutions
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We offer a bespoke professional design service to all clients, of all sizes and any purpose.

We know how to improve and optimise the ranking of your site. Higher ranking means more visitors, and more trade.

We hope to offer hosting services in the future, until then we can advise on the best services available.

Web Design

One of the great advantages of our custom web design lies in the ability to create websites that exactly match your own design ideas. We realize that your website is a reflection of your brand and corporate identity. Statistics also show that customers tend to stay longer on a site that has better design and functionality.

Our custom web design services will not only appeal to your customers, but you will also get to convert visitors into loyal customers! We spend a great deal of time in assessing your organisation's unique requirements. Then we proceed to create a design 'style' that will reflect the overall essence of your company. Also, with an iterative cycle, you get to review all work in progress as it happens!

No more scratchy images or poor resolution! That's because our custom web design services include professionally scanned, cropped and color-corrected to provide your website with stunning professionalism. With an custom web design iterative cycle that enables you to review the website as it progresses, you can observe exactly how the work is going on..

Mobile Browsing

The recent explosion of smart-phones means that you're missing out on a large market by not thinking of a mobile version of your site. The latest figures state that as much as 10% of all internet usage is done on mobile devices.

A mobile website design delivers an optimised view of your existing website and brand to maximise the browsing experience of your visitors. By detecting the device being used, we present a mobile layout design with condensed content in a format which is more legible and will load faster on mobile network connections.

Your existing website can remain unchanged and a mobile website design is a very cost effective way to improve your online marketing activity.