PAB Web Solutions
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We offer a bespoke professional design service to all clients, of all sizes and any purpose.

We know how to improve and optimise the ranking of your site. Higher ranking means more visitors, and more trade.

We hope to offer hosting services in the future, until then we can advise on the best services available.

Search Engine Optimisation

No matter how good your website might be, if hardly anyone is looking at it, or the wrong people are finding it, it's not serving its purpose of promoting your business and ultimately increasing your sales.

We can ensure that your site regularly appears on the first page of search results delivered by a search engine, few people look beyond the second page, and so this is vital; and our regularly monitored and updated database of internet search trends will guarantee that you stay in a prominent position and your product or services will always be associated with positive concepts and ideas.

Our linkage strategy will drive visitors from other relevant sites, so you'll not just be reliant on search engine results. We can tell you who's visited your site, where they live, what pages they've looked at and which particular topics they read, all key indicators that you can use to improve your company's advertising or marketing strategy.

Staying One Step Ahead

SEO isn't just a one-off project, it's a continuing commitment; so let us take care of everything and let you get on with what you do best, running your business.

From ensuring that the correct terms are used in the right place, to making certain that the content matches what your visitors will expect to see. We are able to finely tweak existing pages or create new and fully optimised sites.

We are focussed on improving search engine rankings for highly competitive keyphrases. Our packages are extremely affordable and start from just one day per month.