PAB Web Solutions
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We offer a bespoke professional design service to all clients, of all sizes and any purpose.

We know how to improve and optimise the ranking of your site. Higher ranking means more visitors, and more trade.

We hope to offer hosting services in the future, until then we can advise on the best services available.

Other Services

To compliment the design, search engine optimisation and the hosting services that PAB Web Solutions provide we also a number of other services, which are listed below.


The on-line shopping experience has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. It can be used to market and sell to customers, and to provide after-sales support. E-commerce can also be an important part of strengthening relationships and improving the efficiency of your dealings with suppliers and other key trading partners. At PAB Web Solutions we provide simple, but robust solutions that suits ever need, from the smallest sole trader to the largest business.


We offer a consultancy service to businesses who feel they can complete the day to day aspects of web design, but want a helping hand along the way. This service can focus on optimisation of existing sites, design workshops for new concepts and we even offer a dedicated social media consultancy service for those looking to engage more effectively with their target audience.


Web Marketing can encompass an ever growing range of different web marketing methods and approaches. These can include search engine optimisation and using 'pay per click' links which create an advertisement on a search engine and paying a small amount when someone clicks through to your website. At PAB Web Solutions we specialise in creating a good linking strategy that will not only bring in more traffic to your website, but will help your site "rocket to the top" of the search engine results. This process consists of a number of methods, including natural links coming into your website from quality on-topic websites. All of these methods are highly effective for new websites where you need to see immediate results from your marketing campaign.

Social Sites

By providing interesting and targeted content to sites as diverse as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, or just regularly updating your blog, you can produce real-time information about any latest offers or positive feedback, or discuss relevant issues in an online forum dedicated to your company or organisation. Establishing a presence in an industry-wide forum or blog means that every time a comment is posted, your blog is updated, someone mentions your company or product, another person joins your Facebook group, follows your Twitter feed, people find out about you and some of them may well turn into customers.